A Friend's-Eye View

Courtney and Sarah first met as high-school volleyball players, and during Courtney's freshman season, they became fast friends. Sarah actually witnessed Courtney's car accident and was the first person on the scene. (Click here to read more about her experience in the Summer 2013 issue of the Ambassador.) Here Sarah shares about Courtney's return to campus this fall.

Courtney%20and%20Sarah.jpgI have definitely enjoyed Courtney being back on campus. I missed her way too much last semester because we got so close. She has been coping well with being back on campus. At first, it took some getting used to class, homework, volleyball, and new friends, but she figured it all out fast. She set goals for the end of the semester and she has accomplished some of them and the others are still an on going process for her daily routine.

  1. To actually play competitive volleyball.
  2. Getting quicker- being able to move laterally
  3. Working on jumping higher off one leg

We have talked through the good and the bad days since she has been back at Asbury. Courtney never dwells on her hardships. She turns the difficult things into prayer and she realized that prayer is what keeps her going. When we hang out we always have so much fun together! We still share the same relationship since before the wreck and now. Watching her play competitively on the court makes me smile. I say to myself, “If that’s not motivating, then I don’t know what else is.” She has never given up on her dreams and I’m excited to see what her future holds.