Back on the Court

In early September, Courtney arrived at the day she’d been working toward for nearly nine months: stepping back on the volleyball court in competition for Asbury University.


It was one of those experiences that was both completely normal and radically different at the same time. The game remained the same as it has always been, a fast-paced pattern of blocks, digs and spikes. The net was no higher. The floor was no harder. The ball was just as round as it was last year.

volleyball%202.jpgBut although the game was the same, Courtney herself was different. She is still learning new ways to move, learning to trust the prosthetic to hold her up when she can’t feel it. It was a milestone, but everyday is a milestone in this new life.

volleyball%203.jpgCourtney began the season as a junior varsity player and continues to work toward regaining her varsity spot. For schedules and the latest volleyball news, visit