First day of class

"It's a little strange that everyone seems to know me, even if I don't know them."

Courtney's first day of class was in some ways very typical: almost everyone feels overwhelmed at the sight of a semester's worth of work in the syllabus, and most people put some thought into what they'll wear.

Few people, however, have to wonder if their shoe will accidentally fall off the foot they can't feel.

Courtney's accident became common knowledge among the student body last winter -- one of the perks of a tightly knit, small college campus -- and the student athletes, in particular, stayed in touch with her throughout the spring as she recovered. But coming back at the beginning of a new semester has felt a bit like blending in and standing out all at the same time.

"A lot of people know I'm the girl without a foot, even if they didn't know me before. Sometimes that feels weird, but all spring semester last year, my goal was just to be able to come back and be at Asbury again. I'm really happy to be going to class and seeing my friends."