Finance Officer

Finance Officer

The Army's Finance Corps is responsible for sustaining operations through purchasing and acquiring supplies and services. Officers in the Finance Corps make sure commercial vendors are paid, contractual payments are met, balancing and projecting budgets, paying Soldiers for their service and other financial matters of keeping the Army running.

Some specific financial management areas for a Finance Officer include; Army pay, Commercial vendor support, Disbursement of public funds, Auditing, Travel and transportation allowances, Accounting, Financial management information systems, and Banking.

The responsibilities of a Finance Lieutenant may include:

  • Commanding and controlling Financial operations and combined armed forces during combat and peacetime.
  • Coordinating employment of Finance Soldiers at all levels of command, from platoon to battalion and higher, in U.S. and multi-national operations.


Finance Officer training includes completion of the Finance Officer Basic Course (FOBC), where you will learn leadership skills, tactics and operational aspects of systems and practices used in a Finance platoon. Your training will take place in classrooms and in the field.

Helpful Skills

Being a leader in the Army requires certain qualities. A leader exhibits self-discipline, initiative, confidence and intelligence. They are physically fit and can perform under physical and mental pressures. Leaders make decisions quickly, always focusing on completing the mission successfully, and show respect for their subordinates and other military officers. Leaders lead from the front and adjust to environments that are always changing. They are judged by their ability to make decisions on their own and bear ultimate moral responsibility for those decisions.

Advanced Responsibilities

Finance Officers may continue in the Operations career field, serving in Finance Corps at ever increasing levels of leadership and responsibility.

Responsibilities of a Finance Captain may include:

  • Coordinating employment of Finance Soldiers at all levels of command, from company to division level and beyond, in U.S. and multi-national operations.
  • Developing doctrine, organizations, systems and equipment for financial operations.
  • Instructing financial, accounting, auditing and vendor support skills and systems at service schools and combat training centers.
  • Serving as Finance advisor to other units, including Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve organizations.

Related Civilian Jobs

There isn't an office anywhere that doesn't need a highly qualified financial administrative employee. Positions such as bookkeeper, accountant or audit clerk will benefit greatly from your Army training as a Finance Officer Having a finance background of any kind will help you in practically any civilian position you're interested in pursuing.