Students Spring Break in Spain

A group of 20 students and two professors went on a week-long excursion in Spain.

By Tiffany Gregory, a junior from Baltimore, MD.

Wilmore, KY — Dr. Shelby Thacker, professor of Spanish at Asbury College, and Dr. Burnam Reynolds, professor of history, took a group of 20 students to Spain over spring break. The students were able to experience the culture of Granada, Seville, Italica, Cordoba, Toledo, Consuegra, Madrid, and Segovia through enjoying local cuisine, staying in hotels and sightseeing—all while communicating in Spanish.  Students participated in a lot of sightseeing and interaction with locals in order to receive credit for the Spanish/history class. Senior Zachary Schwartz said, “I think my favorite part of the trip was just getting to see people whose culture is very different than our own.”

Sophomore Dorothy Ennis agreed. “[Spain is] beautiful and unique and a whole different culture,” she said. “I learned more about the Spanish culture. It was very interesting to learn more about the language and see the differences between our cultures. I also loved the architecture and historical sites.”

Junior Rachel Wellons and several other students enjoyed a unique opportunity while in Spain, “We asked the Cardinal of Toledo and another Cardinal if we could have a picture with them. They said ‘yes’, and then afterward they gave us a blessing. Sadly the picture didn't take, but we received the better part, the blessing.”

Junior Rachel Miller looks forward to going back to Spain and visiting other surrounding countries. “It was an incredible opportunity that I’m so thankful I was able to take,” she said. “I would definitely recommend this trip to other students in the future. It is a priceless opportunity that you will be blessed by in ways that you could never even predict.”

As part of the cross-cultural requirement at Asbury College, all students must complete a cross-cultural experience before graduation. Classes, missions organizations, athletic teams and individual students organize trips to different parts of the nation and overseas for education, mission and service.

For more information of future world languages trips, contact Dr. Shelby Thacker. (859) 858-3511 ext. 2202 or

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