New Student Orientation Attire

The campus dress code represents a concern for modesty, neatness, timeliness, cleanliness, and appropriateness. It also attempts to distinguish between the class experience (including chapel) and the casual environment.

Below is an abbreviated version of the dress code to assist you during New Student Orientation. For additional information regarding the dress code, please refer to the Propriety section of the Handbook for Community Life.

Class and Chapel Attire: Students in classes are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the business of being a student and in a way that reflects a respect for the academic endeavor. Specifically, shorts, athletic wear, sports hats, torn or ragged clothing and t-shirts with messages that are in conflict with the values of Asbury University should not be worn. Although short skirts/dresses may be in fashion, most skirts/dresses that are shorter than two inches above the knee (sitting or standing) are considered immodest.

Casual Attire: Principles of modesty and neatness still should be considered for attire worn in public areas like the student center, cafeteria, library and classroom buildings when not in class.  Shorts and athletic wear (excluding running shorts, swimsuits, and spandex-type shorts/tights) may be worn in public areas when not in class.

Sunday Noon Meal Attire: The Sunday noon meal is a time where class attire or nicer is appropriate. We encourage students to view the Sunday noon meal as a special time together and to dress in a way that respects that time.