Trustees Hall Resident Director

Quinn Gervel, Resident Director
Quinn Gervel, Resident Director

Welcome home!

It's what we desire Trustees Hall to feel like for our residents: HOME

Behind all of the concrete and plaster is the heart of the student community of young men striving to discover who they are, their place within community, and what they will become as they enter the world.  Behind every initiative and activity, we all work together to promote a healthy community environment that welcomes every person.

To appreciate life in Trustees Hall, one must understand the subtleties of our laidback atmosphere. Trustees Hall, "Where Trust Meets Ease", was the tagline for one of our recent all-hall t-shirts. It captures the essence of the culture here. This essence can be tasted either through spending time with fellow brothers gently rocking on our porch swing or laughing over a game of cards in our refinished basement kitchen late at night. Within our walls are 6 individual halls, each with its own distinct culture that contributes to the wealth of who we are.

Trustees is a place to just "be" while also being challenged to grow. In addition to the great atmosphere of the community, any new resident can look forward to the following:

  • Our annual dodgeball tournament
  • Opportunities for all-hall service and spiritual growth, as well as plenty of social events
  • Grilling out regularly or kicking back on the front porch
  • A quiet, cozy study room or a good movie on the surround-sound in the basement
  • Frequent brother-sister hall events and intentional Koinonias

Come and see us. Experience what it means to come home and be a proud member of our community.


Quinn Gervel
Trustees Resident Director