Kresge Hall Resident Director

Laura Sallee, Resident Director
Laura Sallee, Resident Director

After spending 3 years living in Kresge myself while at Asbury, it feels like I’m coming home. My hope is that every woman coming into this space would feel like they have found a place where they belong, and, even just for a season, Kresge would feel like home to them too.

Kresge is unique in that it’s not your “normal hall” style. The individual suites that surround each unit, or living room space, allow women to be together in a comfortable environment outside their rooms. This design lends itself to a deep sense of family. This family is made up of 8 halls, each with their own Resident Assistant and Spiritual Life Assistant and their own identity. Some of the most memorable times I had of college were in the unit talking and laughing with the other women on my hall long after a Koinonia (a small group, devotional time) was over or going out for a late night run to Applebee’s. It’s in those times that I was challenged to live in stronger relationship with the Lord and deep community with people around me.

It’s this sense of family and community that refines students but also allows them to feel safe and supported. My prayer is that Kresge would be a place of peace where its women would fearlessly pursue God’s presence and deeper intimacy with Him and therefore be able to connect in authentic, real relationship with one another. I hope that your time here would be a significant, meaningful part of your story as you walk into a greater understanding of God’s calling for you. 

Laura Sallee
Resident Director