Aldersgate Commons Resident Director

Julia Hurlow, Resident Director
Julia Hurlow, Resident Director
The story of Aldersgate is based in London where John Wesley had a life-changing experience with God where “His heart was strangely warmed.”   His experience with Christ began as an inward experience of salvation found an immediate expression of prayer and concern for others.

Aldersgate is a community made up of six apartment-style buildings, a women's suite-style hall called Sarah Johnson, as well as the Spanish and Kenyon houses.

We welcome upperclassmen to join our community where we believe that it will be an integral part of your story while at Asbury University.  This living environment offers an opportunity for students to create community where people are known as well as know one another.  There is also a component of living in Aldersgate which provides an opportunity for students to grow as a servant leader.  Intentional service on campus and in the local community each semester is a part of being a member of our residential community.  

A part of this story of being known as well as knowing each other will happen through shared meals, a myriad of activities that will welcome others into celebrations as well as time to grow spiritually together.

I hope that as the story of your life continues while you live here in the Aldersgate community that you will find yourself welcomed into a place that respects who you are as an individual, welcomes you into deeper intimacy with the triune God, offers you space to create community as well as listen well to one another as you live out the calling that is upon your life. 

I am so glad that you are here and may you find this time in your story to be deeply renewing. 


Julia Hurlow
Resident Director