Our Practicum Training Program

The Center for Counseling is committed to provide a quality training facility for pre-masters and pre-doctoral level counseling and psychology students. This practicum site provides opportunities for community mental health counseling for undergraduate students, and at times their families, under the supervision of masters and doctoral level professional counseling staff. In addition, practicum counselors often participate in outreach programming to the Asbury community and have an opportunity to provide peer supervision and training. Practicum counselors participate with the professional clinical staff in fulfilling the mission of the Center for Counseling.

"My Asbury practicum experience has proven itself invaluable to me both professionally and personally. The one-on-one supervision allowed me the opportunity to expand my therapy skills and confidence." - Former Practicum Counselor

For more information, contact:

Kevin M. Bellew, M.S. LPCC
Associate Dean of Wholeness and Wellness
859-858-3511, ext. 2417

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