Entry-Level Equities Pair Trader

Company Name: 
T3 Trading Group, LLC
One State Street Plaza
10th FL
New York
New York
Contact Person: 
Darian Niforatos
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Contact Phone Number: 
(646) 8454284
T3 Trading Group, LLC (www.t3trading.com/) is a Registered SEC Broker-Dealer & Member of the CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX).  T3’s office headquarters is located at 1 State Street Plaza in the heart of New York City’s famed financial district.  We are seeking new and talented candidates to join our Pairs Trading Group. Pairs trading is one of Wall Street's quantitative methods of speculation which dates back to the mid-1980s. In its most common form, pairs trading involves forming a portfolio of two related stocks whose relative pricing is away from its “equilibrium” state. By going long on the relatively undervalued stock and short on the relatively overvalued stock, a profit may be made by unwinding the position upon convergence of the spread, or the measure of relative mispricing. The pair acts as a hedge against the sector and the overall market. If the market should crash, the loss from the long position should be offset by gains from the short position. T3 uses Chronos Technologies' Iris platform to execute our pairs trading strategies. Iris is a stand-alone pairs trading execution platform. It is a market neutral trading system with 100% automation capability that strategically executes trades based upon quantitative factors entered by the individual user.  The system is designed to decipher recognizable patterns of trading activity in correlated instruments and to execute a trade when specific mathematical conditions are met. Therefore, each trader is responsible for creating his or her pairs list to implement into the Iris system. We use a system called “Pair Matcher”, which is a pairs picking program that will assist you in picking highly correlated and co-integrated pairs. In addition, mentoring is available to all entry-level traders. Series 56 or Series 7 license required, T3 Trading Group will sponsor qualified candidates for the Series 56 exam.
Required Qualifications: -College degree with a competitive GPA -A basic familiarity with the equity markets -Strong analytical ability -Ability to work in a team environment -Excellent communication skills -A focused, dedicated, entrepreneurial, open-minded personality -Prior trading experience is not required Preferred Qualification -Statistical or mathematical knowledge
Application Instructions: 
please email your resume to darian.niforatos@t3tradinggroup.com