Children's Director

Company Name: 
Bethel United Methodist Church
402 West Plane Street
Contact Person: 
Pastor of Church
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Contact Phone Number: 
(513) 7347201
The Children's Director oversees the entire children's ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe and spiritually effective program. The Children’s Director recruits and trains leaders who will touch children's lives with God's love, teach them God's Word, provide fellowship with God's people, and teach them the value of service and outreach. We intend to lay a foundation that will keep children interested in Christian faith, and involved in church in the challenging years to come.
The successful candidate will need to: A. Be a stable, maturing Christian with relevant experience in children’s ministry. B. Have heartfelt love and availability for children. C. Show strong Christian commitment, integrity and Biblical lifestyle. D. Have self-motivated initiative, creative programming ability, firm grounding in scripture, competent leadership skills, solid communication ability, good interpersonal relational skills, compassionate approachability, and cooperative staff support attitudes. E. Have a B.A. or Masters Degree in Children's Ministry, Christian Education or other applicable field. F. Have the ability to communicate Christian faith clearly, with a passion for influencing children's lives with the gospel of Christ. G. Have the ability to recruit and motivate people.
Application Instructions: 
Send resume and cover letter to email above.