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Maryland Salem Childrens Trust
605 Salem Drive
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Kathy Friend
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(301) 6898176
AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Teaching Parent assumes leadership and primary responsibility for the care and safety of eight children and their home. 1. Building positive relationships with all the children in the house by guiding them in life skills development, character formation, spiritual growth, personal hygiene, daily chores in the house and yard, homework and school activities, recreational activities and activities with friends. 2. Representing adult authority to the children and administering discipline in a safe and effective manner, protecting child's rights in accordance with administratively determined policy. 3. Understanding and utilizing the family teaching model to teach social skills as determined by referral behaviors and by the service plan, encouraging and reinforcing appropriate behavior and discouraging destructive behaviors. 4. Managing acting out and aggressive behavior of children, as well as behavior determined to be a danger to self or others, through agency approved techniques, including corrective teaching, verbal de-escalation, therapeutic crisis intervention and passive physical restraint. 5. Serving as a role model at all times. 6. Appropriately involving the children in the decision making process regarding family activities and problem solving, utilizing the daily meeting and family discussion. 7. Accurately assessing situations requiring documentation by Incident Report; clearly and concisely communicating necessary information, in writing, within time frame set forth by administrative policy. 8. Maintaining a clean, orderly and pleasant living environment for the children in the house and yard, especially during the hours when the children are at school and visitors are likely to come to the house. Making needed minor repairs to the house and furniture. Teaching Parents should treat the house and yard as their own. 9. Preparing and serving meals for the children. Eating with the children and striving to create a pleasant dining atmosphere, observing good table manners and teaching about and supporting the Salem nutrition program. 10. Maintaining daily structure and organization of the residence through timely planning of events and schedules. Monitoring the weekly calendar of the children's activities and medical appointments, making sure that a Teaching Parent is available to keep these appointments. 11. Accurately observing and specifically describing children's behavior. Completing progress notes and other reports as required. 12. Administering medication, if a Med Tech, according to policy guidelines, notifying nurse, in advance, when psychotropic medication refill will be needed. 13. Responsibly managing all monies designated for the house (i.e., personal care, household, clothing, allowance and activity), in accordance with policy. 14. Transporting children to activities. Maintaining a good driving record and reporting any traffic violations or accidents to supervisor. Notifying maintenance of any major problems with the van and keeping van neat and clean inside as well as outside. 15. Attending all regular staff meetings and participating in decisions regarding intake, case evaluation, discharge and referral. 16. Participating as a service team member in formulation and implementation of individualized service plans for the children. 17. Successfully completing training in “Effective Skills for child care workers” and “Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.” 18. Supporting the Salem philosophy and concepts in all activities and discussions with the children. 19. Participating in the in-service training program on a regular basis. 20. Other duties as assigned by the Residential Specialist.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Must have a high school diploma and show evidence of the capability of being a constructive role model for children and of forming positive relationships with them. PERSONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbent must: 1. Be at least 21 years of age. 2. Be mature enough to assume comfortably a leadership role and to control a group. 3. Be able to manage and care for a group of active, aggressive children. 4. Respect and be sensitive to children and genuinely want to help them. 5. Be flexible and open minded to allow supervision and in-service training to improve knowledge and skills in helping children. 6. Actively participate in the children's activities. 7. Be dependable and punctual. 8. Have the ability to work as a member of a team. HOURS OF WORK: Full-time Staff: 40 hours/week may include evenings and weekends, plus attending special trainings and staff retreats. May require occasional overnight.
Application Instructions: 
Email Resume to: Kathy Friend at kathy@mdsalem.org