Support Services Specialist

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Daniel Boone National Forest
Gladie Center
3451 Sky Bridge Road
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Anita Hall
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(606) 6638100
The Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Ranger District will soon be filling a Support Services Specialist position with a duty station in Morehead, Kentucky. This position is a permanent, full-time appointment. For more information contact District Ranger, James D. (Dave) Manner at (606) 784-6428, email: If you are interested please complete and return (via email) the attached Outreach Response Form. The Cumberland Ranger District is an excellent example of a balanced ecosystem management program that is consistently building on, and improving, its responsiveness to the public and its respect in the surrounding communities. Centered around the 8,300 acre Cave Run Lake and the 27,000 acre Red River Gorge, the District has one of the most complex recreation programs in the Region. Thirteen thousand acre Clifty Wilderness is also a major attraction. The District's watershed, wildlife, and timber programs have produced many successes. Through innovative and active management, the District has improved water quality and increased opportunities for wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing. The District’s vegetative management program incorporates many innovative silvicultural practices including a sound timber sale and prescribed burning program as important tools for improving forest health conditions. There are numerous recreational opportunities on the district some of which include camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and picnic areas. The White Sulphur OHV trail provides 20 miles of riding pleasure for off-highway enthusiasts. The Tater Knob Fire Tower provides a panoramic view of the surrounding forest. Some other interests include the Clear Creek Shooting Range which provides shooting tables and targets; Zilpo National Scenic Byway, an 11-mile scenic route with stops along the way and the Pioneer Weapons Wildlife Management Area, a 7,610-acre tract set aside for hunting with primitive weapons. About The Position - Makes financial reviews to ensure allocations are not exceeded. Responsible for maintaining an accounting of the districts work plans. - Responsible for ensuring that the procurement duties which he/she and subordinate are assigned are implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Small Business Act, as amended by Public Law 96-507, the provisions of Executive Order 12138 pertaining to women-owned business, and Public Law 96-302 pertaining to Federal contract awards in labor surplus areas. Have or be able to acquire a purchasing authority at a minimum level of $2500 with $10,000 preferred. - As the District’s procedural expert on personnel matters, keeps other members of the District staff currently informed on policies, rules and regulations. - Responsible for the development and maintenance of resource files for the District. Duties involve the collection of timber sale, silviculture, cultural, fire, fish and wildlife, recreation, watershed, and other resource data from functional specialists and placing it into electronic or manual information processing systems. Duties also include searching files for technical, administrative, and financial data for land management planning, environmental studies, user and permittee billings, budget review, etc. - Serves as Unit Collection Officer. Prepares financial billings and necessary reports and documents associated with the business aspects of resource management. Audits collection officers to verify funds have been collected and transmitted in accordance with Forest Service rules and regulations; e.g., firewood permits, map collections, etc.
Candidates may learn more about the Forest by visiting our web site.
Application Instructions: 
For further information please feel free to call Dave Manner, District Ranger at 606-784-6428 or Email