Director of Student Ministries

Company Name: 
Centenary United Methodist Church
500 Delaware Avenue
Contact Person: 
Jim Porter
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(601) 6846698
Responsibilities 1. Teaching the youth “HABITS”, as mentioned above, and conveying God’s purpose for them and leading by example. 2. Finding the volunteer leaders our youth deserve and teaming with them to create the very best, most positive, most authentic programs and reinforcing decent family values along with the biblical messages of obeying and honoring parents. 3. Keeping the lines of communication open with parents and being assured that we at Centenary are committed to helping you find volunteer leaders...YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 4. Encourage ongoing discipleship by growing students for Christ….Missions, evangelism, nurturing, recreation, fun, fellowship, fund-raising, renewal. 5. Work with the Pastor to set up and lead Confirmation. 6. Oversee the work of the Children’s Ministry by giving aide and direction to the Children’s Coordi-nators. 7. Facilitate connections with related college students, including developing a complete mailing list of college students and see that the church remains in contact with them; providing study and fellowship 2 time during holidays and as often as possible for college students; working to enhance the “belonging places” for young adult involvement in centenary; and organizing a ministry for college-age and young adults. 8. Being involved in the connection (District and Annual conference) and encouraging participation beyond the local Church, especially in Conference camps and conferences. 9. Assisting in the leadership of Worship on Sundays and Wednesday and other areas as requested by the Pastor and from time to time assist with visitations. 10. Being a team player in other ministries of the Church.
Training and Experience It is very important that our student minister allows Christ’s power to work through themselves and submit their abilities to God. Our leader should have a clear understanding of what the United Methodist Church believes and teaching our youth habits of a disciple: H...Hang time with God A...Accountability with other believers B...Bible memorization I...Involvement with the church body T...Tithing commitment S...Study scripture Centenary is committed to helping leaders make their skills and gifts even more effective by budgeting funds to pay for continuing education.
Application Instructions: 
Email resume and cover letter to Pastor Porter.