Summer Camp Counselor

Summer Camp
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The Salvation Army-Camp Grandview
32 Camp Grandview Circle
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Capt Jamie Satterlee
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(678) 4184692
Plans, implements, coordinates, and supervises an assigned group of FEMALE children and youth; promotes quality of programs and safety of campers at all times; provides guidance and role modeling to campers; promotes and stimulates camper participation; coordinates and leads campers through their daily schedule ensuring punctuality and responsibility; supervises campers during unscheduled program time and evenings; ensures compliance with camp rules and regulations at all times. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: This position summary should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential functions and requirements of this position. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this position summary. Supervises and organizes an assigned group of campers during scheduled activities and unscheduled blocks of time in cooperation with camp rules and regulations; Promotes and stimulates participation of campers to ensure a pleasant camp experience; Supervise cabin clean up and work details; Coordinates and leads youth through their daily schedule ensuring punctuality and responsibility; Live with a group of campers and help each camper adjust and get to know other campers and camp life; Interpret and maintain camper compliance with camp rules and of the camp safety and health regulations; Assist with program activities and other activities as assigned working closely with the program staff; Be prepared with rainy day activities as needed; Inspect your fire extinguisher and report to Head Counselor if any extinguisher has been dispensed; Make sure all cleaning solution are locked up except during use, and used only with your supervision; Assure that all beds in cabin have at least 30 inches between sides of beds; there should be adequate space to provide freedom of movement and allow for exit in emergency; Stay in your cabin with your kids at night. You may leave your cabin for a legitimate reason, but only if you have another staff member of age, who does not have camper responsibility at the time, to cover for you; Move with campers to ALL classes and activities and remain with them unless otherwise noted; Both counselors must accompany campers back to cabin and prepare for bedtime; No camper or campers should be left alone in the cabin without proper staff supervision; One counselor must be in the room with the campers for 30-45 minutes after lights are out to ensure campers have settled for the night; Keep door to your room open at night so that you can maintain order; Maintain an incident report book on all your campers for each camp session. Turn in the incident report book to your Head Counselor at the conclusion of each camp session and retrieve a new one at the beginning of each camp session. Notify Head Counselor immediately of any serious situation; You may be asked to teach a class according to your experiences or expertise or to assist with one; At the end of each camp session, wipe down all mattresses, sinks, showers, toilets and mop floors with bleach water to control germs; Provides constant care for the needs of the campers in an efficient, clean, loving, safe, secure, and healthy manner; Exhibits control of the campers and, when needed, display proper discipline techniques; Determines appropriate supplies and materials for activities; ensures the campers’ safety in utilizing the same; Maintains the camp materials in an orderly fashion; maintains accountability for any laundry, money and supplies necessary for camp programs; Prepares and maintains up-to-date records and required reports (attendance, development progress, discipline reports, etc.); Assists in leading campers during waterfront, nature, outdoor, arts & crafts or other activities; Ensures the accountability, security and safety of children participating in camp activities (including free time and evenings); reports all accidents to the supervisor in an accurate and timely manner. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Participate enthusiastically as a member of the camp staff team to deliver and supervise evening programs, special events, overnights and other all-camp activities and camp functions; Sit with camper tables during meals and serve as a table monitor when needed; Keep personal living quarters neat, clean and ready for inspection; Be available to participate and assist with camp programs and activities as directed by the Camp Director; May assist in cleaning the cabins, kitchen, tables, floors, etc. in accordance with established sanitary standards; May assist in preparing and serving snacks and meals; ensures that campers receive nutritional and tasteful food; provides positive, relaxed atmosphere during mealtime and encourages conversation.
Required Experience: Knowledge of the principles and practices of child and youth behavior and development; Knowledge of the principles and practices of First Aid and C.P.R and ability to ensure the safety of campers and other staff; Ability to plan, develop, facilitate, and supervise children and youth programs and activities; Ability to build and maintain effective mentor relationships with children and youth; Ability to communicate effectively with campers and camp staff; Ability to plan, develop, and implement effective childhood and youth programs and activities. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Ability to communicate and work with groups participating (age and skill levels) and provide necessary instruction to campers and staff; Ability to observe camper and staff behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques; Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the activity; Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid; Must be able to assist campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury) and possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers; Ability to meet attendance requirements; Ability to read, write, and communicate the English language.
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