Business Development Intern - PAID

Company Name: 
Course Hero, Inc.
1700 Seaport Blvd., Suite #150
Redwood City
Contact Person: 
John Stacey, III
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Contact Phone Number: 
(650) 2003879
The Course Hero Internship and Professional Development Program empowers students to help support the global landscape of education, while simultaneously building and developing their professional skill set. Course Hero, a leading educational technology company, has partnered together with the international non-profit Books for Africa to found the Knowledge Drive. This philanthropic initiative is working to build a powerful study resource for college students, while also donating books to children abroad. To date, over 100,000 books have been donated with the help of college students across the country. Students selected for the Course Hero Internship and Professional Development Program will help lead the Knowledge Drive initiative at their school, and will help spread awareness about how students can get involved and help support this initiative. Those that are selected will also be enrolled in our Professional Development Program, which includes: -Leadership and one on one coaching from a Course Hero Manager -Weekly workshops that focus on professional elements ranging from communication to innovation -Personalized critiques and development plans that focus on improving an intern’s specific skill set -Professional references and letters of recommendation -Management positions for those that truly excel
Requirements to apply include: -Currently enrolled student living on or near campus -Confident, outgoing, communication oriented personality -High level of involvement on campus -Interest in philanthropy, technology, and professional development -Minimum of 5 hours per week to dedicate towards the internship -Ability to start the internship in the next 2-4 weeks if accepted
Application Instructions: 
If you are interested in applying and believe that you meet the requirements above, please send your resume (as an attachment in either .pdf or .docx format) to