Business Development Intern - PAID

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Course Hero, Inc.
1700 Seaport Blvd
Suite #150
Redwood City
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John Stacey
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(650) 2003879
Course Hero Company Profile Course Hero is the #1 online learning platform in over 4,500 colleges and universities as it: - Provides high quality resources to enhance learning - Expands classroom walls by providing an open platform - Offers remote access to tutors - Advocates and improves education through technology - And helps students achieve their academic goals Course Hero has recently partnered with Books for Africa, an international non-profit organization, and developed the Knowledge Drive. The Knowledge Drive is working to build a powerful learning resource for college students while providing children in Africa with the gift of education and the ability to attain a better quality of life. With the help of students and interns across the country the Knowledge Drive initiative donates 1 book to Books for Africa for every 10 academic documents that are accepted into our system. (Right now we are nearing 100,000 books donated, and counting!) To read more about the Knowledge Drive success with Books for Africa visit this blog: breaks-50000-books-donated-to-books-for-africa.html Business Development Intern Position Description Course Hero has recently partnered with Books for Africa, an international non-profit organization, to create the Knowledge Drive. The premise of the Knowledge Drive Initiative is simple: for every 10 academic documents uploaded, we will donate 1 book to a child in Africa. The driving force behind our Knowledge Drive are our interns who aim to help us find the best academic materials possible, and are passionate about building a brighter future for children and students around the world. We are currently accepting applications for our PAID Internship and Professional Development Program. Our interns: - Help shape the future of the Knowledge Drive initiative - Develop, apply, and hone their professional skill set - Lead the Knowledge Drive initiative at their school - Aim to build a more comprehensive resource for students Our Professional Development Program includes: - Weekly workshops with structured goals to strengthen learned skills - One-on-one coaching from a Campus Manager that includes personalized critiques and development plans - Premier Access to our 7+ million high quality study documents - A possible promotion to the Student Manager position for those who truly excel
Ideal candidates possess the following qualifications: - An interest in philanthropy - A well-spoken, outgoing, creative, and confident
 personality - Involvement in a campus organization or customer service experience - Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship - Currently enrolled as a student
Application Instructions: 
If you are interested in joining our Internship and Professional Development Program and working together to do something powerful for education, please send your resume as an attachment in either .pdf or .docx format to Also, be sure to let us know how you heard about the internship.