Purchasing Intern

Company Name: 
Rexroth Pneumatics
1953 Mercer Rd.
Contact Person: 
Grace Ramsdell
Contact Phone Number: 
(859) 2593800
1) Establish process to monitor the status of tooling at vendors and to initiate on-time renewal of tooling. A database for the current tooling, its status and other relevant data (construction date, number of cavities, shots, condition, shots guarantee, cost,…). This will also help in a better planning of the capital expenditure for tooling replacement. 2) Design the process for a systematic and continuous assessment of our suppliers’ quality performance. The process should focus on data acquisition from SAP and be user friendly. 3) Overview of currently available supplier agreements – which suppliers we have agreements with, which type of agreement, what are the warranty terms, how to handle quality costs, expiration date, … 4) Support the optimization of the ordering process – update the lead times from the vendors for the different P/Ns This internship pays $12 per hour.
Main requirements from the expertise/capabilities point of view: a) Knowledgeable of IT tools, specially working and creating databases b) Technical and commercial background is a plus
Application Instructions: 
Send resume to Grace at fixed-term.grace.ramsdell@rexrothpneumatics.com