Entry-Level Bank Examiners

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Assistant National Bank Examiners
N/A (One Macklem Dr.)
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Ivan Lasoi
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(859) 8583511
Assistant National Bank Examiners begin their OCC careers in the Midsize and Community Bank Supervision line of business. Assignments cover all areas of banking, including loans, interest rate risk, capital, liquidity, consumer protection programs, and compliance with banking laws and regulations -organize and analyze selected data; -complete bank supervision procedures; -check compliance with laws and regulations; -gather information through discussions with other OCC employees; -discuss findings with other examiners and bank management;; -draw conclusions and recommend corrective action; and -perform off-site analyses, write memorandums and reports, and update or write examination comments under close supervision.
To apply for a position you need at least one of the following: A four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with major study in accounting, banking, business administration, commercial or banking law, economics, finance, marketing, or other field closely related to the position; Three years of work experience that has provided you with knowledge of accounting or auditing principles, such as reviewing, analyzing, recommending or approving loan applications, investments, or other actions involving the properties or monies of others held in trust by or for a financial institution, or internal accounting or auditing work for a financial institution that has required understanding of debits and credits, balance sheets, and operating statements; Equivalent combinations of education and experience; or A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate obtained through written examination in a state, territory, or the District of Columbia. You must pass two written tests and two interviews. You will be directed by e-mail to schedule a test appointment. The first test, the Knowledge Test, assesses your knowledge of basic finance and accounting principles. If you receive a passing score, you will take the Written Communication Skills Test (WCST) to assess your skills in organizing information and preparing written documentation.
Application Instructions: 
We are accepting application packages for the Fall 2013 Recruitment Campaign from September 16 through October 7, 2013. Click here for a list of hiring locations. The deadline for receiving applications is 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on October 7, 2013. You must visit the online website to apply for this job opportunity.