Political Science Research Internship

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Project Vote Smart
One Common Ground
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Internship Coordinator
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(406) 8598683
Project Vote Smart is a national library of factual information on 40,000 candidates for public office - President, Congress, Governors, State Legislatures, statewide and local offices. Our organization is dedicated to providing voters with the essential information to self-govern effectively. Because a knowledgeable electorate is the strongest component of a functioning democracy, Project Vote Smart strives to provide free, non-biased, in-depth, and accurate information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. We do not lobby, support, or oppose any candidate and do not accept financial support from any organization that does. Our National Internship Program offers positions in one of our six departments which provide interns an insider’s look into how modern day campaigns attempt to manipulate voters emotionally, instead of informing them intellectually. National Interns are trained on how to defend each citizen’s right to the facts as they work to collect and disseminate the voting records, issue positions, biographies, special interest evaluations, campaign finances, and public statements of every U.S. elected official and candidate. The work of our National Interns empowers voters by allowing them to instantly check the credibility of the misleading and deceptive messages that modern day elected officials and candidates bombard citizens with every election year. 1. Research: Examine biographies, key votes in the Congress and states' legislatures, special interest performance evaluations, campaign finances, public comments. 2. Political Courage Test: Measure each candidate’s willingness to answer the public’s questions and concerns on the major issues facing the nation. 3. Technology: Work on cutting-edge programming, interactivity, and data visualizations. 4. Development and Communications: Coordinate communication and outreach efforts with thousands of supporters, contributors, and members of the media throughout the nation. 5. Maintenance and Food Services: Aid in the support, housing and food services for all the volunteers, staff and students that come to Vote Smart’s unique Great Divide Ranch high in the Montana Rocky Mountains.
We seek interns and volunteers that are truly committed to the following premise stated by our Founding Fathers: “A people that mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.” Accepted applicants will work in an extravagantly beautiful place with extraordinary people. The Great Divide Ranch, while fully-equipped to serve as our research headquarters, is also remotely-located and surrounded by one of Montana’s great wilderness areas. Furthermore, we seek college students or recent graduates who are genuinely interested in working to accomplish our goal of making factual, unbiased political information easily and freely accessible to all. The overriding qualification for securing an internship position is your willingness to commit 100% to the Project's goals and mission. In addition, you must meet the following requirements: 1. Must be able to set aside political beliefs and be objective and non-partisan while working. 2. Must be in good standing with your university/school, as current student or alum. 3. Must be able to commit to a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks. 4. Lastly, please remember that our research facility is located in an extraordinarily beautiful but remote area. You will be expected to maintain the facility.
Application Instructions: 
National Intern applicants must submit the following: 1. Completed application form, available at http://votesmart.org/internships/application 2. Resume and cover letter. 3. Minimum of three references. References need only be names and contact information.