Chaplain Intern

Company Name: 
Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission
302 N. 13th St.
Contact Person: 
Nick Lordi
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(215) 9226400 x102
Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission (SBRM) is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian program affiliated with the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. Serving approximately 200-300 homeless individuals daily, the mission operates two main programs out of its men’s shelter: a 30-day emergency shelter and a year-long discipleship program. The discipleship program at SBRM, known as the “Overcomers Program,” consists of 20-30 men who have committed to live, work, and study at the mission while they attempt to improve their spiritual and mental health. Many have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, and homelessness. They attend chapel services and Bible studies daily, ranging in their spiritual knowledge from non-Christians to lifelong believers. The 30-day shelter at SBRM exists to give men a chance to flee from the streets. They are given a bed while they independently seek employment and permanent housing. Many of the men in the 30-day shelter, however, have been stuck in homelessness for months or years. Duties: 1.Assist Education Chaplain in teaching classes (life skills, employment readiness, computer literacy, and Bible Studies). 2.Provide case management with Overcomers and/or transient guests. 3.Support evening chaplains through administration and security. 4.Preach as needed in afternoon or evening chapel services (20-40 minutes). 5.Maintain appropriate relationships with staff and guests. 6.Represent yourself and SBRM with integrity.
Demonstrates Christian integrity and values with a heart for the poor and homeless.
Application Instructions: 
Inquire by email.