Virtual Cofounder Wanted for Band Booking Agency

Company Name: 
Booked Smart Entertainment, LLC
1366 Lake Vue Dr.
Roaming Shores
Contact Person: 
Alana Mileras
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(440) 8123214
New booking agency is seeking a dedicated person wanting a long-term career as an additional booking agency cofounder with our company. Coufounders will serve as liaisons between band and business clients; gauge interest and be the direct contact for businesses, venues and bands; set up show logistics; research new and undiscovered venues; and/or bands; interact with venue and business decision-makers; coordinate schedules for multiple bands, venues and businesses; and follow-up with outlets. Cofounders have the opportunity to build a business they are proud of that allows them the freedom and opportunity to build for their current and future success. Due to the responsibility and long-term nature of this position, all accepted cofounder applicants will be brought on for a 90 day trial basis before potentially being offered a cofounder position. Cofounders will work remotely while reporting to the company's owner. Cofounders will receive equity stake in company (i.e. split company revenue.)
Ideal candidates must be: • Entrepreneurial-minded • Self-motivated • Professional • Able to work independently while also participating in a group structure • Detail-oriented • Ambitious • Highly organized to precisely manage the schedules of bands and venues • Comfortable on the phone • Focused • Responsible • Able to efficiently multi-task • Possess strong attention to detail Candidates must have: • Experience with MS Word, Excel Google Docs • Solid writing skills • Reliable phone, internet access, and a computer • Availability to work between 8-3:00 p.m. ET (or the equivalent times for another time zone), Monday-Friday • The work ethic, temperament, and capacity of a business owner Candidate bonus points: • Experience with Photoshop/Illustrator/Corel Draw for graphic design/photo editing • Sales and marketing experience Please submit your resume and cover letter, including a list of your qualifications, any entrepreneurial and/or managerial experience, and why you are the good fit for our company.
Application Instructions: 
Through email.