Orange Leaf Internship

Company Name: 
Orange Leaf
1031 Wellington Way
suite 135
Contact Person: 
Bryce Anderson
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(859) 5599181
Duration: 8 weeks (June-July) Compensation: Unpaid Internship will focus on 2 Areas: 1) Development a) One-on-one mentoring with Executive team (management, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship) b) Summer book reading/discussion (2 books) c) Seat at table for executive planning and strategy meeting d) Networking events with local business leaders 2) Execution: We believe executing ideas is the key to success a) Students will think of 1 idea to execute to improve Orange Leaf internal culture or customer experience in the stores. b) Orange Leaf will provide the financial support and guidance but the project will be the responsibility of the intern to accomplish. We will be picking 2 students to intern with us for the summer.
This is specifically a business internship for those that have a great ability to execute on an idea. While there are no GPA, class or education requirements, they are considerations when making our selection.
Application Instructions: 
Step 1: Please fill out out online application: Step 2: We will be calling some candidates in for interviews. Step 3: