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Match Education
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Lynn Ahumada
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(617) 2320300
Are you looking for an opportunity to serve in inner-city schools? Do you want a great gap-year before law school, medical school, or grad school, or before going into a career in the non-profit sector? Match Corps: Boston is a one-year, full-time residential fellowship program. It pairs Corps members with 6-7 students at Match High School, Match Middle School, or Match Community Day Elementary School. Corps members run small group or 1-on-1 tutorials, working to guarantee the academic success of Match students while building personal relationships with the students and their parents. They also serve as either Teaching Assistants to our outstanding classroom teachers or Administrative Assistants in one of the school departments. This full-time service year program is designed to fully close the academic achievement gap between minority students and their non-minority peers, one student at a time. Match Corps: Boston allows idealistic and dedicated young people to invest their time and energy in just a few students’ academic progress. Match Corps is not necessarily looking for the future teachers of America. We want future doctors, lawyers, MBAs, architects; we want majors from math, political science, literature, economics, engineering – anyone willing to work tirelessly for one year to erase the achievement gap. Corps members who know they want to teach for at least two years in an urban charter school should opt in to Match Teacher Residency. Match Teacher Residency is our in-house, optional teacher training program. In MTR, Boston Corps members receive additional training on the weekends with the aim of becoming unusually effective first year teachers in high-poverty schools. Graduates of MTR go on to teach at some of the most highly regarded charter schools in the country and consistently outperform other first- and second-year teachers in the classroom. For more information about MTR, visit the website here: Match Corps: Boston is distinct from its sister program, Match Corps: Lawrence, in two key ways: 1) Boston Corps members tutor math and English, while Lawrence fellows only tutor 9th and 10th grade math, and 2) the Boston Corps serves in Match Charter Public Schools in Boston, whereas Lawrence fellows serve in two public district high schools in Lawrence, MA. To learn more about Match Corps: Lawrence, visit the website here: For more information about the Boston Corps, check out these resources: Watch this video, featuring parents of Match Charter Public School students: Read some FAQs about being in the Boston Corps: For more information and updates, like us on Facebook: Could you commit yourself to a year of service in an urban school? Could you take on the challenge of propelling the academic growth of a small caseload of urban students? If you’re up for the task, apply now. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, go to our application here:
Passion for urban education, grit, relentless work ethic
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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, go to our application here: