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Klaudia Briet (private party)
616 John Sutherland Drive
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(502) 2192697
I am looking for a person with Godly morals & standards, that practices them. This position is to "nanny' for three boys ages 8, 11, & 15. So, you need to like children and want to spend time with them. This is once every 9-14 days. The span of days difference will be dependent on yours & my schedules. The hours are about 7:30am - about 3:30pm. I say "nanny" because your day will involve different activities than the usual babysitting; they are not so young either, so this is much more of a supervising nature. They are at the age where your morals and standards will be very important. Your personality needs to have some leadership qualities vs. laid-back. I'd like you to be 20+ y.o. My guys are homeschooled. So your job will be to supervisor, NOT teach, their schoolwork. They may need clarification and verbal tests given (like spelling). Also, some corrections for their work--I have the teacher's manuals. :) Then they'll need some food preparation supervision & assistance. On some days, you'll need to take them to the local library for the day. You'll probably want to use my car, so I'll need to see that you have a valid, current and local driver's license. Also insurance and a clean record. This has some flexibility to it and we can vary some of the details. We'll discuss wage after you've submitted application--I believe it to be a fair amount.
All req & qual are in job description.
Application Instructions: 
I would like an "introduction letter." Things to include: Tell me about yourself--upbringing & current lifestyle, how God fits into your life, about your classes & schedule, interests, why you would be good for this position and why you want this position. Please divulge information that would be pertinent, that may come up in conversation with the children, or may surprise me if found out later. I know thats a bold request, but this is for a position with children and your influences will matter. Email the letter to the above address. Response should be within a week.