Minister to Children and Youth

Company Name: 
Pigeon Fork Baptist Church
5090 Hickory Ridge Rd
Contact Person: 
Holly Gordon
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(859) 4929030
Responsibilities: 1. To plan and carry out a weekly Bible related activity, outside of Sunday School, for youth and children. 2. To plan and carry out monthly/quarterly activities for the youth program to encourage fellowship and outreach. 3. To develop quarterly short term and yearly long term goals for growth within the children’s and youth ministries. 4. To work with the Pastor to help encourage and involve the parents of our children and youth into the overall ministry program of our church. (Also, consult with Outreach Director for development of Outreach for children and youth). 5. To plan quarterly fellowship activities for the children of the church. 6. Coordinate the mission activities for our children during the school year. 7. To actively participate in yearly activities such as Vacation Bible School.
• No specific education requirement for this position. We expect the Youth Minister to be a positive Christian role model. We expect him/her to incorporate Biblical principals within his/her conversation with the children assisting them to develop a Biblical Worldview.
Application Instructions: 
USPS: Send resume and cover letter to address above for PFBC. Attn: Holly Gordon Email: Send resume and cover letter to above email address for Holly Gordon.