Questions about Transfer Credit?

Transcripts are reviewed for transfer credit information. If you would like to find out which credits will transfer, you may submit your transcript to the contact information below, even before you apply, or visit the site below for an estimate. Once the transcript evaluation is complete, you will receive an e-mailed preliminary report of your transfer credit. A maximum of 60 hours of credit can be transferred from a two-year college, and a maximum of 75 hours of credit can be transferred from a four-year college or university. Most credits from an accredited institution will transfer if they are applicable to a liberal arts program. Please note, courses of vocational or technical nature are not transferrable.

To order a transcript from your past/current institution, contact the Office of the Registrar at your institution, or visit This site will walk you through placing your transcript order, including delivery options and fees.

Visit the Transfer Credit to Asbury page to search for institutions and their course equivalencies at Asbury. For more information about transcripts please visit the Asbury University Registrar’s webpage. If you cannot find the college you are attending, please email for more information.