University Student Accounts and Billing


The academic year for the Traditional Undergraduate, Academy and Graduate Program is divided into three sessions: Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Semester. For the Adult Professional Studies Program the academic year is divided into two sessions:  Fall Semester and Spring Semester. 

Registration is held prior to the beginning of each semester and a “Registration Bill” will available on the Asbury Portal.  The Registration Bill displays the following calculation, based on pending charges and financial aid to date:

Amount Due = Total Pending Charges and Discounts – Total Financial Aid

Student Employment, including work study, is not calculated in the Estimated Net Charges, which is the amount used to estimate the Payment in Full or payment plan contract amount.  Student Loans and Outside Scholarships will be included in the calculation only if they have been confirmed and approval has been submitted to and processed by the Financial Aid Office. 

Note: Checks for church match and scholarships are considered as financial aid and should be mailed to the Financial Aid Office. 

The student is responsible for ensuring payment of tuition, fees and all other debts to the University is made in a timely matter. We recommend that all miscellaneous charges be paid at the location where incurred to avoid service charges.




 Payment in full of Registration Bill AMOUNT DUE is due on the first day of each semester. 

All students will be enrolled in the Payment in Full option unless they enroll in a Higher One/CASHNet Tuition Payment Plan (explained below) during the financial registration period. 


Students will receive email notification prior to each semester enrollment period with detailed instructions for enrolling in a Higher One/CASHNet payment plan. The Registration Bill AMOUNT DUE, or any portion you choose, may be divided over 4 equal, monthly payments.  Payments are due to Higher One/CASHNet by the last business day of each month.  Higher One charges a non-refundable application fee of $35 per semester to enroll in a Tuition Payment Plan. 

The Payment Plan incurs no interest charge, but may incur a late fee from Higher One/CASHNet if payment is not received by the due date.  After missing the second payment, the account will be removed from the Higher One/CASHNet payment plan, and the balance will become due immediately to Asbury University.



It is expected that when a student signs a financial agreement to pay all tuition and fees, the student is pledging to faithfully fulfill all financial obligations to the University.  The University reserves the right to take whatever steps are necessary for those who default on payment.  Diplomas and official transcripts are not released until all academic and financial obligations to the University are satisfied.



1. Students must pay all previous balances before registering for a subsequent semester.

2. If a student's account is unpaid at graduation, the diploma is withheld until such payment is made. 

3. Academic transcripts and diplomas will be released to:

A. non-enrolled students only when (1) the student account is paid in full and (2) University loans are being paid on schedule. 

B. currently enrolled students when either:  (1) the student account is paid in full, or (2) the student is fulfilling the terms of their particular Payment Plan and all requirements of the Financial Aid Office have been fulfilled.



1. Reductions to charges are calculated only after official notification of the student's withdrawal from the University is made to the Business Office by the Office of the Registrar.  Students withdrawing from the University within the official Drop/Add period will be refunded all charges. Students will pay a pro-rata board and room charge based on the date of withdrawal. 

2. The official date of withdrawal from the university will be used in determining amount of tuition reduction.

3. The following calculations refer to tuition reduction only. 

A. The ‘ACADEMIC WEEKS’ for a semester are determined for an individual student based on the week their first class in the semester started to the week their last class in the semester ended.

B. The percentage of semester enrolled as of the student’s official withdrawal date from the university.

Tuition Reductions are calculated based on

Percentage of semester enrolled = 100% - (withdrawal week / (total academic weeks -1))

NOTE: percentage of reduction in financial aid to student is based on the date the student requested to withdraw, or the midpoint of the enrollment/payment period if student stopped attending without notification which may differ from official withdrawal date.  Please refer to “Financial Aid Refunds” in the following section for the policy for returning financial aid.

4. NOTE:  Course fees, lab fees, student activity fees are not refundable.

5. The student will be charged a withdrawal fee of 5% of total charges not to exceed $100.00.

6. Board charges are reduced on a pro-rata basis from the date the student finalizes his/her withdrawal with the Student Accounts Office.

7. Room charges are reduced on a pro-rata basis from the date at which the room is vacated and the key turned into the resident director.

8. Refunds cannot be made to the student until all financial aid awards are withdrawn, adjusted or applied to the account.

9. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University must make application for readmission and be readmitted before being permitted to register again.

10. For academic withdrawal details please see the general section on University Academic Policies: Course Registration and Withdrawals.


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