APS Degree & Academic Requirements



All candidates for an undergraduate degree must meet the following requirements to graduate. Fulfillment of all degree requirements is the student's responsibility.

1. Complete a minimum of  60 semester hours including all Foundational requirements for the associate’s degree; Complete a minimum of 124 semester hours including all Foundational and Major requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00

3. Fulfill all requirements in one major for the bachelor’s degree.

4. Satisfy the residency requirement. Must complete final full-time semester at Asbury, 12 of the final 21 credit hours added from all sources. (for more details see Academic Policies > Residency Requirement for a Degree).

5.  Submit a "Graduation Application" form in the Registrar’s Office by posted deadline for the commencement year and their expected graduation date (Oct. 15 for December graduation, and Feb. 15 for May or August graduation). Application may be completed at: Graduation Application 

6. A minimum of 30 hours for the associate’s degree and a minimum  of 49 hours for the bachelor’s degree (not institutional credit or transfer credit) must be completed at Asbury University.

7. 50% of the hours/courses required in the major must be completed at Asbury University.

8. Complete comprehensive examinations and assessment tests as required by individual departments and programs or by the University administration. 

9. Students must graduate under the requirements of the Bulletin in effect at the time of first enrollment (with exceptions)

a. Students may be graduated under new requirements placed in effect while enrolled.  Students are expected to meet all of the requirements for a particular Bulletin.

b. A student who re-enrolls, or requests permission to complete degree requirements, after an absence of two years becomes subject to degree requirements in effect at that time.

10. Students may not earn an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree for the same commencement year.



1. Courses in the Foundational areas are required for a bachelor’s degree. 

2. Some courses required in a major may also satisfy a foundational course.  See each individual major for specifics.  Students meeting any foundational requirements with major courses, or by waivers of any kind, must still meet the 124 total credit hours required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

3. The APS program is centered around the courses that make up the majorStudents who need to complete additional foundational or elective coursework to meet graduation requirements may do so through  Asbury University online during the regular registration process.  Alternatively, a student may enroll, with registrar’s permission, for foundational or elective coursework at another institution provided they have not reached the maximum transfer limits.  Please see University Academic Policies under Transfer Credit for “Credits Elsewhere Policies”. 


Additional requirements for education majors seeking certification.

The above requirements satisfy the bachelor degree; additional requirements may be necessary to complete teacher certification. See School of Education for details.



Any student accepted into Asbury University who presents an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree awarded by one of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System schools will be deemed to have satisfied the Asbury University APS Foundational requirements with the exception of the Biblical studies requirements (9.0).  [This agreement does not apply to a KCTCS associate of applied science degree.]  Any foundational courses which are also required courses for a major cannot be waived.  Asbury can transfer up to the maximum of 60.0 credits from these institutions, but will not transfer credit hours counted in the KCTCS degree which have grades below ”C”, are remedial, or are usually not accepted in transfer.

Students with waivers of any foundational requirements must still complete the total 124.0 credits required for graduation.

Fulfillment of all degree requirements is the student's responsibility.

Note: The University reserves the right to change degree requirements, major and minor requirements, and course offerings, and to cancel any course not elected by a sufficient number of students (low enrollment) at the time offered.



2015-16 BULLETIN  08/11/2015