Graduate Education Admissions


The Dean of the School of Education and the School of Education Administrative Council are responsible, within the School of Education, for all policies related to the Graduate Education Program including admission, graduation, academic policies, and appeals.  The Academic Dean and Registrar serve as policy and curricular consultants for institutional graduate issues. The School of Education is responsible recommending candidates for education licensure.

MASTERS PROGRAMS requirements         POST MASTERS PROGRAMS requirements



  • Complete an application at  at no charge.
  • Have official transcripts of all undergraduate work and graduate work sent directly from the credit-granting institution.  Hand-carried transcripts, even in a sealed envelope, are not official.
  • Submit one copy of current Teaching Certificate or Statement of Eligibility (only for programs with certificate as a pre-requisite). 
  • Submit PRAXIS or GRE scores (as required by specific degree programs).
  • Request (3) three professional references which must be submitted directly to the Graduate Education Office using the forms provided:  (1) current or most recent employer, (2) former professor, and (3) a personal reference (not a family member).
  • Final admission to the Graduate Education Program will be made by the School of Education.

Mail all documents to:

Graduate Education Admissions
                Reasoner Hall, Office 317
                Asbury University
                One Macklem Drive
                Wilmore, Kentucky 40390

                859-858-3511 (x2502 or x2691)



1.  Completed graduate application form, including Character and Fitness and Reference Waiver forms.

2.  Official transcripts of all college/university coursework.

3.  Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree from a regionally-accredited college or university with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. This requirement may also be met by one of the following:

a.  Cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on last 30 hours of undergraduate coursework or graduate coursework,


b.  Candidates not meeting any of the grade point average criteria above who have a cumulative undergraduate or graduate grade point average below 2.75 may apply for admission on a provisional status.

4.  Valid Teaching Certificate (only for programs with certificate as a prerequisite).

5.  TOEFL for all applicants whose native language is not English:  550 minimum on the paper based test (PBT) or 80 minimum on the Internet based test (iBT).

6.  MAT degree candidates only:  Kentucky’s passing score for full admission. Choose one:

a.  Passing score on PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators:  Reading, Writing & Math exam, OR

b.  Successful completion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) administered by the Education Testing Service with the following corresponding scores on the corresponding sections:

i.   Verbal Reasoning taken prior to 8/1/2011 - 450; or Verbal Reasoning taken after 8/1/2011 – 150;

ii.   Quantitative Reasoning taken prior to 8/1/2011 – 490; or Quantitative Reasoning taken after 8/1/2011 - 143; and

iii.   Analytical Writing - 4.0.

c.  For MAT (except LBD and ESL), must pass the PRAXIS II content exam in respective discipline. 

This results in provisional admittance for up to 9 hours of graduate work.


Transfer of Credits: 

With approval of the Dean of the School of Education and the Registrar, a student may transfer up to nine semester hours of prior graduate credits toward the master’s degree.  These credits must have been completed at a regionally-accredited graduate school.  Only courses with a grade of B or better which are equivalent to Asbury University courses may be transferred. See Academic Policies > Graduate Program Transfer & Non-Class Credit.


Admission To Degree Status (Gate 5)    

The student must meet all of the following requirements to be admitted into degree status.

1.  Completed degree status application form. 

2.  Successful completion of 7- 9 semester hours at Asbury University.

3.  Minimum of 3.00 grade point average on all graduate coursework completed.

4.  Three professional references with disposition ratings.

5.  Successful submission of Entry Professional Portfolio.

6.  For students seeking initial certification in Graduate Education Master of Arts in Teaching and candidates in post-master’s Education Specialist Program:  successful formal interview demonstrating critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration as well as demonstrating professional dispositions expected of professional educators.



This program is a required post-Masters certification, offered as an Ed.S. Degree, and includes 36 hours above the Master’s degree of intensive research and field work over a two-year time frame. There are no electives.

The graduate educational leadership model is fully online, with synchronous ‘face to face’ class sessions integrated into the program on a weekly basis through Adobe Connect and utilizing video technology.  The course design and materials are accessible through Asbury’s online learning system (Discovery). Each course builds on the previous course, and distinct transition points provide candidates and faculty a clear roadmap through completion. Level I provides initial certification, while Level II provides permanent certification and the Ed.S.

Program Application Requirements and Admission to Principal Licensure Degree Status

Admission to the Graduate Education Program for the Principal Licensure Program includes the requirements and protocols outlined below.

Pre-requisites: Master’s Degree; teaching certification; 3 years teaching experience

A.  Completed online application at at no charge.

B.  Applicant portfolio--must include the following supporting documents for admission:

1.  Official transcripts* of all undergraduate and graduate work

2.  Official transcripts* showing completed Master’s degree and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater

3.  Copy of current teaching licensure

4.  Letter of application outlining:

a. skills and understanding related to his/her ability to improve student achievement

b. evidence of ability to exhibit both leadership and an advanced knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and assessment

c. personal statement of career goals

d. resume or CV showing at least three years’ successful teaching experience

5.  Character and Fitness form

6.  Professional Reference Waiver form

7.  Professional Recommendation forms from applicant’s (choose at least 2):

a. principal

b. superintendent, his designee, or other supervisor OR Master’s program professor

c. colleague

8.  Principal candidate Interview

C. District/University Screening Committee Review.  All above required admission submissions will be reviewed to determine if applicant meets requirements for entry into program.

[*To be accepted as official, all transcripts must be sent directly from the credit-granting institution. 

  Hand-carried transcripts, even in sealed envelopes, will not be accepted.  Electronic transcripts are acceptable only if, when printed, they do not show watermarks.]


Admission to Principal Licensure Degree Status (Gate 7)

The student must meet all of the following requirements to be admitted into degree status.       

1.  Successful completion of 9 semester hours at Asbury University.

2.  Minimum of 3.00 grade point average on all graduate coursework completed.

3. Successful submission of Program Entry Professional Portfolio.


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