Asbury Academy Admissions


Asbury Academy is an “Early Access to University” program for high school juniors and seniors. This program provides opportunities for high school seniors to take general education requirements at the University level (100- and some 200-level courses), enabling them to complete high school and earn University credit through dual enrollment. Students may participate in Asbury Academy during either both the fall and spring semesters (not during summer).



Asbury University offers Asbury Academy on-campus to local students.

High school seniors may take four (4) free credit hours each semester of their senior year. Additional courses may be taken at 50% of the regular tuition rate.

High school juniors may take on-campus courses for 50% of the regular tuition rate. (See University Tuition and Expenses in this Bulletin).  

On-campus students choose from over 80 course offerings in the 100 and 200 level classes.

On-Campus Academy students must be able to provide their own transportation.  



Asbury Academy also offers courses online. Online classes are offered in an 8 week intensive format. Due to the concentrated nature of these classes, a student may only be enrolled in one online course at a time. Academy students may take two consecutive online courses each semester.  The online classes are offered at a special reduced tuition charge for Asbury Academy Online students (see University Tuition and Expenses in this Bulletin).  



1. A completed application at

2. An official high school transcript showing a weighted cumulative grade point average for seniors of 3.00 or higher, and a weighted cumulative grade point average for juniors of 3.25 or higher.

[Please note: Students should submit a high school transcript with final prior year grades that indicates reaching the junior or senior status prior to Asbury Academy orientation.]  

3. Official examination scores from the ACT or SAT are required for admittance to ENG OR MAT classes:

  • ENG 100 Introduction to Composition - ACT English 17 / SAT Critical Reading 340
  • ENG 110 Exposition and Research -  ACT English 22 / SAT Critical Reading 510
  • ENG 151 Advanced Exposition and Research -  ACT English 27 / SAT Critical Reading 660
  • MAT 100 Introduction to Problem Solving – ACT Math below 21/SAT Math below 510
  • MAT 120 Concepts of Mathematics and Technology - ACT Math 22 / SAT Math 510
  • MAT 131 Finite Mathematics for Business - ACT Math 22 / SAT 510 

4. Academic recommendation letter (must be from a non-relative)

5. Written permission from a parent or guardian to enroll in the program

6. Signed Master Promissory Note. The Master Promissory Note covers additional fees such as lab fees, library fines, parking passes, etc. (The Promissory Note is mailed to the student with his or her acceptance letter.)


Asbury Academy Admission Procedures:

Applications and other required information should be submitted to the Asbury University Admissions Office.  Applications for the Fall and Spring semesters can be submitted up to one week prior to the first day of class, but students who apply early are more likely to enroll in the class of their choice.

A required orientation day for Asbury Academy students taking on campus classes will be scheduled one week prior to the first day of classes for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Contact Kim Okesson, Asbury Academy Coordinator with questions or for more information. or (859) 858-3511, ext. 2506


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