Withdrawal from the University

1. A student may completely withdraw from the University any time before the end of their final class period of the semester.

2. To completely withdraw from the University a student must complete the appropriate form with the Office of the Registrar. 

3. A student who officially withdraws from the University after the end of the Drop/Add period is assigned the grade of "W" in all scheduled courses in the current term that are in process or are still scheduled to start.  The student will keep any final grades that were posted for classes that finished prior to the withdrawal date.  

4. Courses registered for the next or future terms will be unregistered. This may affect future financial aid.

5. Tuition refund percentages for a student who withdraws from the University are described in the Reduction in Charges Related to Withdrawal section of the Bulletin.  See also FINANCIAL AID REFUNDS. 

6. Students who withdraw from the University are no longer Asbury University students and therefore a letter of good standing cannot be issued to another institution.

7. All students who withdraw from the University must re-apply and be readmitted to register for any subsequent semester - even the next immediate semester.


A student can be involuntarily withdrawn for academic reasons, including failure to act like a student, financial or administrative reasons, and for violation of regulations (disciplinary reasons).


Non-Returning Students:

Students who know they do not plan to return for the next regular semester (Fall or Spring) are asked to inform the Office of the Registrar of this fact.



2015-16 BULLETIN   08/17/2015