Asbury University operates under a semester calendar.  All course credit hours are in semester hours.



The grades which are assigned to student performance in a particular course are listed below with their respective quality point values. Scholastic standing is defined as the ratio of total quality points to the total semester hour credits attempted, excluding transfer hours and non-graded credit hours (credit in a credit/no-credit course). For each hour of graded credit, quality points are assigned as follows:

Grade      Description          Quality Points

A              Excellent                  4.00

A-                                            3.70

B+                                            3.30

B              Good                       3.00

B-                                             2.70

C+                                            2.30

C             Average                    2.00

C-                                            1.70

D             Passing                    1.00

F              Failure                     0.00


The following grades are not counted in the calculation of the grade point average.

I               Incomplete

W             Withdrew

P              Passing credit/no credit course

N             Not passing credit/no credit course

L             Load credit for ongoing master’s research

S              Satisfactory audit

U             Unsatisfactory audit 




1.  A temporary grade of incomplete ("I") may be granted by the Dean of the appropriate college/school where the course resides.  An incomplete may be granted, at the instructor’s recommendation, due to extenuating circumstances such as equipment breakdown or medical crisis. Quality of work or more time is not a criterion for an incomplete and will not be granted on such basis. A student seeking an incomplete in more than one course may only be granted by the Academic Dean.  

2.  Faculty or students anticipating the need for an incomplete should contact the appropriate Dean of the college prior to the completion of the course. Once approved by the appropriate Dean, the faculty member submits the incomplete request to the Registrar.

3.  An incomplete cannot be granted to a student after the course’s end date. Once an incomplete is granted, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor and make satisfactory arrangements to complete the outstanding work.  A student who receives an "I" must complete the work within 60 days of the course’s end date. A final grade of “F” will be recorded for students who do not complete the outstanding work by the deadline. 




1a. Students in all Undergraduate programs may repeat twice any course in which a grade of "C-", "D" or "F" was received at Asbury University.  [TUG, APS]

1b. Students in all Graduate programs may repeat a grade of “C” or below. No more than two graduate courses may be repeated by a student in a graduate program.  [GRAD]

2. The repeated course must be repeated at Asbury University and with a course deemed equivalent by the Registrar’s Office.

3. The higher earned grade in any repeated course will count in the computation of the cumulative point standing.

4. Credit hours in repeated courses will count only once academically.  Financial Aid will count the both course attempts in total attempted credits for financial aid calculations.

5. Repeated courses will be so indicated as such on the permanent record.

6. A Graduate level course taken as an undergraduate student counts for grade and GPA only on the undergraduate transcript. Therefore courses taken in the Graduate program, including repeats of graduate courses taken as an undergraduate, will not affect the undergraduate GPA.



Final course grades may be changed only in the case of miscalculation of points.  Re-evaluation of a student's work or late submission of work by a student is not normal grounds for changing a final course grade. Within 30 days of the beginning of the next academic term, an instructor may change a final course grade by filing the appropriate form with the registrar.  This change must be submitted by the instructor and approved by the responsible department chair. After 30 days of the beginning of the next term, an instructor desiring to change a final course grade must seek approval of the responsible dean over their department and file such a request with the Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee.  Decisions of the Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee will be considered final.


Grade Restrictions for Participating in Student Activities & Student Government

A student not meeting the standards of the academic progress scale as listed under Probations and Suspensions, or not meeting the chapel attendance requirement for traditional undergraduates (as listed in the previous section) may not:

1. Participate in inter-collegiate competition (athletic or other)

2. Participate in public programs (on or off campus) given by any Asbury University department, organization, or class (unless such participation is a clear academic course requirement)

Also, in order to hold a student body office, a student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50.  For a class office, the GPA requirement is 2.25.


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