APS and Academic Policies

Students in the School of Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) are subject to the academic policies of the university.  

APS undergraduate students follow all policies for undergraduates except those policies explicitly labeled for the traditional undergraduate program.  APS and Graduate programs have policies specific for the students in their respective program sections to follow.  Specific program expectations are also outlined in the Student Handbook for each program. 


Please refer to the ACADEMIC POLICIES sections for information on the areas listed below. 

General Policies     

Becoming Students, Advising, Students with Disabilities, Academic Integrity

Transfer Credit       

Official Transcripts, Transfer Credit Requirements & Limitations, Taking Credits Elsewhere

Institutional Credit 

AP, CLEP, IB, Credit by Prior Learning  

Student Status       

Classification, Academic Full Time Load, Residency Requirement, Majors/Minors


Drop/Add, Course Exchanges, Auditing courses, Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from University          



Contract Courses (Independent Studies, Etc.), Examinations, Attendance and Excuses

Grades and Honors                    

Grading System, Incompletes, Repeat Course, Grade Changes, Commencement


Requests and Release Policy

Academics Status                 

Probation, Suspension and Appeals






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