Univerisity Academic Policies & Procedures

Students are subject to the policies of the university and for their program in particular. More details may be found in individual program student handbooks.

General Policies

                Becoming Asbury Students

                Official Communication Methods


                Students with Disabilities

                Academic Integrity

Transfer Credit

                Official Transcripts

                Transfer Credit Requirements & Limitations

                Taking Credits Elsewhere for Current Students

Institutional Credit

                Credit from Military

                Advance Credit by Examination - AP, CLEP, IB

                Credit by Prior Learning (CPL)

                Institutional Credit for Language or Horseback Riding      

Student Status

                Classification of Students

                Definitions of Academic Full Time Load

                Major and Minor Requirements & Limitations

                Residency Requirements - Minimum Semesters at Asbury

Course Registration

                Registration Procedures, Restrictions & Changes through the Drop/Add Periiod

                Course Exchanges

                Withdrawal from (Dropping) a Course     

                Auditing Courses               

                Affiliate Courses & Off Campus Program Courses

                Undergraduates in Master Level Courses

                Traditional Undergraduate Senior Citizen Waivers

Withdrawal from the University

                Procedures for completely withdrawing

Courses and Attendance

                Course Numbering

                Contract Courses (Independent Studies, Directed Studies, Internships, Etc.)

                Traditional Undergraduate Seniors Pass/Fail Option             

                Traditional Undergraduate Physical Education

                Examinations (Finals)

                Class Attendance

                Traditional Undergraduate Chapel Attendance

Grades and Honors

                Calendar and Credits

                Grade Scale & Timeframe

                Incomplete Grades

                Repeat Course Policy

                Change of Grade

                GPA Requirements for Student Activities

                Undergraduate Honors in Scholarship

                Commencement Participation and Procedure

Transcript Release Policy

Probation, Suspension and Appeals


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