Baccalaureate Speaker 2016

Dr. Billy Kim

Dr. Billy Kim

Dr. Billy (Jang Hwan) Kim is a pastor, evangelist, and broadcaster of world renown. In his dedication and passion for evangelism, Dr. Kim has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world to thousands of people in all walks of life, including military personnel, diplomats, university professors, faculty and staff, and missionaries.

Following 45 years as pastor of the 15,000-member Central Baptist Church in Suwon, Korea, he currently serves as Pastor Emeritus, as well as the chairman of the Far East Broadcasting Company in Korea.

As chairman of the Far East Broadcasting Company-Korea, Dr. Kim directs this network of eleven radio stations, of which two are high-powered AM transmitters sending the Gospel to China, Russia, Japan, and throughout Korea. He is also the author of several books on Christian living, which are all published in Korean.

He notes one of the most memorable events of his life and ministry was the opportunity to interpret for Dr. Billy Graham at the 1973 Korean Crusade where more than a million people attended a single service.

In 1992, Dr. Kim received the highest civilian award for radio broadcasting and media ministries from former South Korean President Roh, Tae-woo. The citation recognized his efforts for improving Korea’s relationship with China and Russia.

Over the years, Dr. Kim has been awarded numerous honorary doctorates from notable institutions including Wheaton Graduate School (Wheaton, Illinois), LeTourneau University (Longview, Texas), Dallas Baptist University (Dallas, Texas), Biola University (La Mirada, California), and Asbury University (Wilmore, Kentucky).

Dr. Kim and his wife, Trudy, have three children, Joseph Carl, Mary Kay, and John William, and ten grandchildren. The family resides in Seoul, Korea.