Research Guides

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Study Guides -- 

  1. Using the Library for Research (PDF) 
  2. Finding Background Information (PDF)
  3. Finding Articles in Periodicals (PDF)
  4. Distinquishing Scholarly from Non-Scholarly Periodicals  (PDF)
  5. Finding Information on the Web  (PDF)
  6. Finding Information About People  (PDF)
  7. Finding Book Reviews  (PDF)
  8. Finding Statistics  (PDF)
  9. Critical Evaluation of Sources (PDF)


How To Guides -- 

  1. How to use the Online Catalog (PDF)
  2. How to use EbscoHost (PDF)
  3. How to use Proquest (PDF)
  4. How to use ERIC on Ebsco (PDF)
  5. How to use MLA Style (PDF)
  6. How to use APA Style (PDF)
  7. How to use SocIndex (PDF)
  8. How to use Ebooks (PDF)
  9. Library Glossary (PDF)
  10. How to use PsycINFO (PDF)
  11. How to use E-Library Login (PDF)
  12. How to use ArtStor (PDF)
  13. How to use Chicago Style (PDF)


See also --

Bibliographies for every major -- 

  1. Art
  2. Psychology/Social Work
  3. Business, Economics and Political Science 
  4. Christian Studies: Bible, Ministries & Philosophy 
  5. Communication Arts 
  6. Education 
  7. English 
  8. Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics
  9. History 
  10. Mathematics & Computer Sciences 
  11. Music 
  12. Natural Sciences 
  13. World Languages: Modern 
  14. World Languages: Biblical and Classical 
  15. Graduate Program in Education 
  16. Master's of Social Work 
  17. Children's Literature 

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