Retirement Plan


Asbury University Employee Retirement Plan

A TIAA-CREF representative, will be on campus to provide individual counseling sessions for employees as a part of open enrollment.  The representative will be here on Tuesday, November 3rd  and Wednesday, November 11th.  Sessions will be held in Kinlaw Library Room 318. If you were unable to schedule an appointment for those dates you may contact the local office by calling 224-6900 to set up an appointment.


Asbury University currently contributes 6% to a RA (Retirement Annuity Account) for employees participating in the retirement plan. Employees must contribute a minimum of 5%. If you are not participating in the retirement plan and are eligible, consider signing up today and give yourself a raise.


Are you saving enough for retirement?

Check out the Retirement Goal Evaluator tool on the TIAA-CREF website to see if you are putting enough money away for your retirement. Click here to go to the Retirement Goal Evaluator.


Begin saving extra today by starting an SRA (Supplemental Retirement Annuity). The SRA offers the ability to take a loan from the account (certain requirements must be met).

You select the investment strategy just like the matching account.


What do I need to begin saving money/extra money for retirement?

Salary Reduction Form and the appropriate application.

Please contact Human Resources for the appropriate application form.


SRA Summary Plan Description

RA Summary Plan Description



Do you have a log in for your retirement account at TIAA-CREF? It is easy to get a log in on their website. Go to today and get logged in (Click here to get your log-in ID) . You will need your contract number which is located on your statement to get logged in.

The website allows you to:

  • Check your account balance
  • Manage your portfolio
  • Change your allocations
  • Transfer money between investments