Study Abroad Travel Forms

All Students traveling abroad with Asbury University or traveling abroad for the purposes to complete their CCE 073 requirement must complete and submit the Health Form, the Travel Packet, and apply for an International Student Identification Card (ISIC), which is a travel insurance card.  Please submit all original forms with original signatures to the Global Engagement Office (Reasoner 208/Reasoner 210).  

Health Form

Please thoroughly fill out all four pages of the Health Form and submit the entire form to the Global Engagement Office.  

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Travel Packet

Please thoroughly read the entire packet.  Please print and sign the Signature page and only submit the Signature page to the Global Engagement Office.

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International Student Identification Card (ISIC) Form

After filling out the form, please make sure to bring $25 (Basic), $100 (Premium), or $200 (Explorer) to the Cashier's Office in the Administration Building and pay for your ISIC card. Submit both your receipt and the ISIC application form to the Global Engagement Office.  If your Travel Course, Study Abroad program, or team leader is paying for the ISIC card, simply just submit the application form to GEO.  If the program you are participating in already provides travel insurance, please submit proof of insurance to GEO via email ( or hardcopy (Reasoner 208/210).  

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Travel Medicine Information for Asbury Travelers & Recommended Local Travel Medicine Providers

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