Confucius Classroom

Confucius Classroom - A Partnership with the Confucius Institute at University of Kentucky 

Please join us for our inaugural year of the Confucius Classroom!  Through the Confucius Institute (CI) at University of Kentucky, Asbury has been awarded a Confucius Classroom by the CI Headquarters in Beijing.  The Confucius Classroom at Asbury University will be a collaborative undertaking with the purpose of enhancing understanding and friendship between the young people of China and the U.S. by sponsoring the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture.  This program will allow us to enhance our Chinese language program and conduct additional programs and seminars.  There will not only be opportunities for the Asbury community but also for greater Wilmore.  This program will be on our campus for the calendar years of 2016-2020.  Please check back regularly for upcoming events and activities.

Spring 2017 Confucius Classroom Seminars & Programs

  • Lunar New Year celebration poster2017 Lunar New Year Celebration - Thursday, January 19, 4pm-6pm - Student Center

Join us in celebrating the Year of the Rooster!  There will be Chinese cultural performances, demonstrations as well as craft-making stations.  Enjoy the Pho Noodle Bar, Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea and desserts.  As all CC programs, this is free and open to the public.  

Program Schedule:

4-4:30pm - Demonstrations & Workshops: Clligraphy, Dulcimer, Taichi & Tea Ceremony

4:30pm-5pm - Cultural Performances: Ink Painting, Martial Arts & Dulcimer Music

5-6pm - Art & Craft Making Stations: Peking Opera Masks, Knot Making & Fan Painting

  • A Glimpse Into China posterPhoto Exhibit - A Glimpse into China: The Beauty and Diversity of Modern China - Reception on Thursday, January 26, 4-5:30pm - Library Foyer

Eliza Tan, a freshman here at Asbury University, as put together a beautiful photo collection of her time in and around Beijing and Shanghai, China.  Organized by the time of day, each photo tells a different story of every day life in today's China, rich in both its diversity and complexity.  The exhibit will be up from January 9th through Febrary 3rd.  Please join us for a reception with the artist on Thursday, January 26th.  

Fall 2016 Confucius Classroom Seminars & Programs

  • Poster for Mid-Autumn FestivalMid-Autumn Festival - Friday, September 9, 8pm-10pm - Reasoner Archway/Green

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the "Moon Festival," is one of the most important Chinese holidays, second to the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).  It is also celebrated by many other Asian cultures, as well.  The Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Han calendar, which is essentially the night of a full moon, which falls near the Autumnal Equinox.  The ancient Chinese observed the movement of the moon and noted its relationship with the changes of the seasons and the agricultural production.  Thus, the origins of this holiday was to for the Chinese to express their thanks to the moon and to celebrate a successful harvest season.  Today on the festival day, family members gather to enjoy each others company, moon gaze, eat special foods (such as the moon cake), and play traditional games and activities, such as lanterns.

This event will be a collaboration between the Global Engagement Office, Office of Intercultural Programs, and the Confucius Classroom.  There will be booths introducing different cultural artifacts, crafts, demonstrations food samplings, and lanterns to light up the campus!


Spring 2016 Confucius Classroom Seminars:

  • Chinese Folk Arts - Wednesday, April 20, 3pm-4:30pm - Kinlaw Library Boardroom

Chinese folk art, vibrant in colors and beautifully designed, is the art of the laborers, not the professionals.  It is created by laboring people as "art of necessity" and embodies the wisdom of the working people.  In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic.  Chiense folk art can be classified according to its different functions, methods of creation and materials. 

Come learn about paper cutting, new year painting, opera masks, shadow play, Chinese knots, and more!  Enjoy these crafts of Chinese folk art and create your own paper cutting art piece to take home.  

Open to the public.  Refreshments sponsored by the Kinlaw Library.

CC Seminar April


  • The Evolution of Chinese Characters - Wednesday, March 23, 3pm-4:30pm - Kinlaw Library Boardroom

Maybe you're curious how Chinese characters were created?  What are their origins and who developed them?  Is there meaning behind eac character?  What are some of the writing tools and materials?  Since the language is so different from Western writing systems, is it hard to learn?  What are some tricks to learning the langauge?

Let's explore and get the answers.  You'll also get a chance to learn Chinese calligraphy!

Open to the public.  Refreshments sponsored by the Kinlaw Library.

CC Seminar March