2015 Launch

NEW CCE 073 Launch!

The Global Engagement Office will be launching the new CCE 073 requirements starting September 15, 2015 for the 2015-2016 academic year.  We will not be accepting CCE Proposals till that time.  Please check back for more information.  You are welcome to visit our office or email us for more information: globalengagement@asbury.edu.


New requirements will affect:

  • ALL entering freshmen students and freshmen international students as of this academic year - Fall 2015/Spring 2016.
  • Transferring students with less than 60 credits will have to complete CCE 073.  
  • ALL current students who have not already completed their CCE 073 will also need to complete the new requirements. 

Previous trips:

  • For incoming freshmen students who want to use a previous travel experience - trips taken the summer before their senior year of high school - they must complete their CCE 073 within their first-year at Asbury.  
  • Incoming freshmen international students must also complete their CCE 073 within their first-year at Asbury.  


  • All students MUST attend one of the orientation sessions before going abroad or leaving campus for their CCE experience.  
  • Orientation sessions will begin after September 15, 2015.  
  • If you are planning to leave campus between now and September 15th, please come and meet with us as soon as possible: Reasoner 208 & 210 (or schedule an appointment: globalengagement@asbury.edu).