Security Protocols

Risk is an inherent implication of our commitment to engage the world through the Cross-Cultural Experience. Asbury University is committed to balancing wisely and judiciously the value of international educational activities and the potential risk to its students, faculty, and staff. In weighing these factors, the University considers a broad range of information including:

  • Information from the U.S. Department of State, including Travel Warnings, Public Announcements, and Consular Information Sheets
  • Advice and counsel from OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council)
  • Advice and counsel from local host organizations, NGOs, and other affiliates
  • Input from knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff, both at Asbury University and at other colleges and universities
  • Information from international education associations
  • Status of other U.S. college and university programs

Our security protocol will determine our approval of various travel options for students and staff, but monitoring will not stop on approval. 

Asbury University places significant value in information provided by the U.S. Department of State regarding international travel. The Department of State issues several different types of information in this regard including:           

  • Consular Information Sheets for every country in the world
  • Public Announcements (country, regional, or global)
  • Travel Warnings (directed towards specific countries)

Department of State Travel Warnings fall into two basic categories:

  • Warnings of conditions that heighten the ordinary risk of travel to a particular country
  • More urgent warnings that forbid, restrict, or otherwise urge U.S. citizens to defer travel to a country

Category (1) Travel Warning:

  • Warns U.S. citizens of the risks, dangers, or potential risk or danger of travel to the country
  • Urges U.S. citizens to evaluate carefully their security and safety before traveling to the country
  • Warns (cautions) U.S. citizens to consider (carefully) the risks of travel to the country
  • Cautions U.S. citizens to take prudent security measures
  • Urges (warns) U.S. citizens to (carefully) weigh the necessity of travel to the country
  • Urges U.S. citizens to exercise extreme caution

Asbury University will carefully and prayerfully consider the level of risk of travel under Category (1) travel warning.

Category (2) Travel Warning:

  • Orders departure of U.S. dependents and non-emergency personnel
  • Recommends that any U.S. citizens remaining in the country should depart
  • (Strongly) warns U.S. citizens against (all) travel to the country

       Asbury University will defer traveling under a category (2) travel warning.

Should an “urgent warning” be issued while students are in the country, the staff will discuss the situation with program host or local university staff. They will monitor State Department documents, Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) briefings, and other sources of information, as well as confer with colleagues in the United States and with Asbury University officials.