Section II - Safety Management

1.0       Asbury University is committed to balancing wisely and judiciously the value of international educational activities and the potential risk to its students, faculty, and staff. In weighing these factors, the university will consider a broad range of information including:

  •  Information from the U.S. Department of State, including Travel Warnings, Public Announcements, and Consular Information Sheets
  • Advice and counsel from OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council)
  • Advice and counsel from local host organizations, NGOs, and other affiliates
  • Input from knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff, both at Asbury University and other colleges and universities
  • Information from international education associations
  • Status of other U.S. College and university programs

2.1    When the Department of State issues warnings of conditions that heighten the ordinary risk of travel to a particular country, the Provost, the Academic Dean, the Director of Cross-Cultural Experience, and the lead Professor will carefully consider the level of risk in consultation with Student Health Services as needed.

2.2    Security protocol will determine approval of various travel options for students and staff, but monitoring will not stop on approval. 

2.3    When more urgent warnings that forbid, restrict, or otherwise urge U.S. citizens to defer travel to a country are issued, the trip will be postponed or cancelled accordingly.

2.4    If there is a team member involved as the victim of any violent act, the entire team may be required to return home at the earliest possible time in order for emotional and spiritual healing to take place. A crisis team will be assembled by the Director of Cross-Cultural Experience to aid in at least the initial stages of debriefing and re-entry.

2.5    Students should be up-to-date on all childhood immunizations and pre-matriculation immunization requirements. Further immunizations will be determined by the Student Health Services or sending agency.

2.6    All students traveling abroad under Asbury University’s authority must obtain an International Student Identification Card.

2.7    All professors/leaders traveling under Asbury University’s authority must obtain an International Teacher Identification Card.

2.8    A support person is necessary when more than eight students are enrolled in a cross-cultural trip.