Section I - The Experience

1.0    All students admitted to Asbury University (including transfer students with less than sixty hours of credit at the time of matriculation) will be required to complete the Cross-Cultural Experience.

1.1    The Experience may be completed as early as the summer preceding the senior year of high school.

1.2    Every student must file a Cross-Cultural Experience Form in the Office of Cross-Cultural Experience.

1.3    To fulfill the Cross-Cultural Experience, a student must remain at least six consecutive nights in context.

1.4    A four-page reflection paper is to be submitted to the Director of Cross-Cultural Experience within 30 days of the end of the trip, unless the student is receiving course credit from the professor.

1.5    Asbury University reserves the right to exclude from off-campus participation any student who is involved in conduct leading to disciplinary action, gives evidence of a serious medical problem (physical/emotional/psychological), or experiencing financial hardship.

1.6    The student for whom an off-campus experience is deemed impossible by the Cross-Cultural Experience Committee will satisfy the experience requirement through one of several course options approved by the Committee. These courses are listed on the Cross-Experience website.

1.7    Citizens of a country other than Canada or the United States fulfill the Cross-Cultural Experience by enrolling at Asbury University. 

1.8    Students who have lived abroad for extensive periods of time or who have had other experience abroad prior to enrollment may qualify for a substitution.