Section V - Behavioral Discipline & Consequences

5.0    Asbury University shall not be held responsible or liable for locating or arranging for the return of any person who is absent at the time of departure. The right is reserved by Asbury University to decline, accept, or retain at any time any person as a participant on the trip.

5.1    The Professor/Leader has the right to terminate a student’s participation. This would be an extreme step warranted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Infraction of the Asbury University Student Handbook or the mission of Asbury University from the time of enrollment in the experience until its conclusion
  • Blatant non-cooperation
  • Knowingly putting him/herself or the group in danger

5.2    Under the conditions of 4.0 the trip fee would be forfeited as well as credit for any portion of the course completed to date at the time of dismissal.

5.3    Should a student have or develop legal problems during the course of the trip, he/she will attend to the matter personally with their own funds.