Spring 2014 Semester, New Year Off to a Great Start

WILMORE, Ky. — By Friday afternoon, Asbury University’s returning students had achieved a full-throttle pace that promised to make the new Spring 2014 semester one of the most productive yet.

Classes for the new Spring semester officially began on Monday, but several different groups of students — new and transfer students, the cast of this week’s Opera Cameos performance and the crew of the annual sophomore musical, for example — returned early. As snow fell on the end of the first week of class, the library was full, the dining hall buzzed with conversation and the new semester was officially underway.

For many students, faculty and staff, the start of the new semester also marks an opportunity to set the tone for the entire year. Here are a few favorite resolutions for 2014:

“My resolution was just to simplify. I do so much stuff that I don’t have to do.” – Kylee Grimwood, freshman

“I will not let anyone own me but myself and God.” – Ashton Bain, freshman

“My New Year’s Resolution was to draw at least one thing every day to get some practice.” – Karl Berggren, sophomore

“Live life five times more YOLO (You Only Live Once).” – Alex Walter, junior

“This is kind of cheesy, but my resolution was just to be more healthy. Like yesterday, I actually went to Kroger and bought healthy stuff.” – Rebecca Price, senior

“I don’t make resolutions — I try to firm up my disciplines.” – Dr. Tim Cook, associate dean, School of Education

“Rather than making New Year’s Resolutions, I make it a priority to take the morning or the day to spend with God, looking for his direction for my year. I have a very full schedule this year, and what the Lord impressed on me was the phrase, ‘God is awesome.’ I’m trying to apply that phrase into the pressures of this year.” – Dr. Doug Walker, media communication professor 

“I know it’s going to be a very busy semester, so if anything, my resolution would be managing my time exceedingly well. That will pay dividends.” – Dr. Ken Pickerill, chair, Heath, Physical Education and Recreation department

“I’d like to see the humor in things a little more clearly this year.” – Dr. Don Zent, music professor

--by Joel Sams '15

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