Annual Event to Encourage Campus to "Live Holy"

Continuing in a long tradition of spiritual formation, Asbury University will host Holiness Emphasis Week February 3-7. This year’s sessions will be led by Dr. Sandra Richter, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton (Ill.) College, and Rev. Steve Schellin, senior pastor at Southland Community Church in Greenwood, Ind.

The week’s theme is “Live Holy: Holiness is a Verb,” exploring themes “very core to how Asbury explains the Christian life,” according to Campus Chaplain Greg Haseloff.

Rev. Steve Schellin
Rev. Steve Schellin

“We view holiness as the progression of the Christian life after beginning a relationship with Jesus that encounters ‘justifying grace,’” Haseloff said. “The person who walks forward with Jesus experiences ‘sanctifying grace’ – which we describe as a life of holiness. The many references to holiness in scripture remain extremely pertinent to how students are formed into the image of Christ while at Asbury, and we pray this message continues to impact students during Holiness Week and across the school year. ”

According to Schellin, the discussion of holiness is a pressing need in the church. A proper understanding and application of holiness can provide an antidote for continually shifting standards, not only in the secular world, but in Christian institutions.

Dr. Sandra Richter
Dr. Sandra Richter

“Holiness continues to need emphasis in our Christian institutions because the ethical bar continues to be lowered among Christians in America,” he said. “Cheap grace has taken the place of the holy life, whether it be in matters of the things we should do (i.e. social justice, compassion, forgiveness) or things we should not do (i.e. lying, unmarried sex or slander), to name a few. The ethical challenges will only increase as young people leave college and enter their careers.”

Holiness Emphasis Week presents students with opportunities to encounter the experience of sanctification and to pursue a deeper understanding of what sanctification means. Schellin’s hope for Holiness Emphasis Week is for students to encounter these truths and be encouraged.

“When I was a college student, our semester holiness emphasis weeks were some of the greatest days of my life,” Schellin said. “Being encouraged, cleansed and empowered by the truth of holiness is what made my entire Christian college experience so special. I am praying this week at Asbury will have the same profound impact on students' lives.”

Holiness Emphasis Week services will take place during regular Chapel times at 10 a.m. on Feb. 3-7, as well as evening services at 7 p.m. on Feb. 3-6. All services will take place in Hughes Auditorium.

--by Joel Sams ’15

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