Asburians Unite During 24/7 Prayer Week

WILMORE, Ky. — 168. That’s how many hours there are in a week. And by Saturday at midnight, that’s how many hours someone in the Asbury University community — faculty, staff, students and alumni — will have been praying this week, as well.

Beginning last Sunday night, Asburians involved in all aspects of the University, from administration to graduate students, have been praying for the campus, the community and the world as part of “Asbury’s Great Experiment 2013.” The idea is taken from the example of a group of students who committed to regular prayer in the Fall semester of 1969, setting the scene for one of Asbury’s most widely reported revivals in 1970.

“We look on that as an example of preparation for God to move in big ways,” said senior Dylan Schatko, prayer committee chair of the Spiritual Life Board. “We’re not controlling God but respecting and acknowledging that God does use people to do His will.”

Sign-up for slots during the prayer week occurred digitally at Participants were invited to attend the opening session in Hughes Auditorium on Sunday evening, but most of the week’s prayer sessions have taken place in the context of daily life — residence halls study rooms, offices and homes.

“Hughes is very important to us, but it represents something that should be inside of all of us, as well,” Schatko said. “We wanted people to pray wherever they were so that, as the Spirit of God moves through them, it can affect their environment, wherever it is.”

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