New Students Arrive to Kick Off Spring 2013

WILMORE, Ky. — Classes for the Spring 2013 semester begin on Monday, but one group of Asbury University students has already unpacked and begun to settle in through New Student Orientation.

Residence halls opened early for the group of new freshmen and transfer students to allow them a chance to get to know the campus, take care of administrative tasks and meet each other before the rest of the student body returns from Christmas break on Saturday.

For freshman Zoe Caulder, attending class at Asbury is actually a familiar prospect — she completed several courses as a high school student through a dual-credit program called Asbury Academy. This semester, as a full-time college student, she’s looking forward to the complete residential college experience.

“I’m excited about the dorm life and truly being in the same boat as the other students,” she said. “I feel comfortable here, and having taken a few classes makes it an easier transition of leaving home.”

A full day of activities on Friday began with a time of devotions and a challenge, based on Matt. 2:6 and Ezekiel 34:11-17, to make 2013 a year to engage, be equipped and serve the local and worldwide community.

“What will it take to make 2013 different from what has come before?” asked Greg Haseloff, associate dean of campus ministries and campus chaplain. “You’ve chosen a place where there are amazing opportunities to be equipped.”

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